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Happy 4/20! by trynt33
Happy 4/20!
Happy weed day! Only comes once a year! .. For two states.. Talk about a localized holiday, heh.

Bong prop was made by :icon963delta-studios:
Meanwhile in Gekokujo by trynt33
Meanwhile in Gekokujo
So whilst playing the Gekokujo mod for Mount and Blade: Warband, I arrived at the inn in Edo and found. Youmu. Outright Youmu, the creator put her in there as a reference. And hired her right away. She's not a bad fighter but since she's a melee fighter (and most people use guns), it doesn't go too well. But meh, who cares, it's Youmu!

:iconyoumurapefaceplz: belongs to :iconzunplz:
Tanegashima prop was made by :icongrayfox5000:

And the Gekokujo mod was made by Phlpp
Fabletop Thinf: Chapter 1 banner by trynt33
Fabletop Thinf: Chapter 1 banner
I made a banner thing for an upcoming Fabletop session of mine between some friends, and decided to upload it to Deviantart for all to see.
To those who are curious, Fabletop is an online tabletop roleplaying site thing, and I run it as a Game Master. My table takes place in a post apocalypse, and is inspired by Die2nite, ZombVival, Fallout, and much more.
Beginners Mistakes - Starring the Ordinary Guy: 7 by trynt33
Beginners Mistakes - Starring the Ordinary Guy: 7
In this long-awaited issue, the Ordinary Guy finds a (pixelated) fuel can, and ends up messing it up as usual.

Walfas was created and belongs to KirbyM

ZombVival was created and belongs to Benjamin "Brainbox" Behrendt


trynt33's Profile Picture
Trynt Sanders
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Different (but not a bad) guy. Touhou fan. Walfaser. Game developer (kinda). Bisexual. And many other things.
My Youtube Channel…

---------------------------What I am and what I like----------------------------

Rain Stamp by LumiResources I love night stamp by coolmaggi Flag: Montana by TheStampKing Irish Stamp by jerseygrl246 Native American Stamp by StrayCreations

Stamp: Gay Rights by RogueDerek I'm bisexual. STAMP by Cute-Polly Crazy - Stamp by GothicTearDrop :thumb272730240: Peace Stamp by Nighty-Teh-Otter Recycle Stamp by altergromit I Love Walfas by Thoxiic-Editions STAMP: Nitori Station Wagon by barbakki .Stamp. Got Yuri? by KillMePleaseGod My Choice stamp by spacewolfomega

USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designStamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVampSpanish lang2 by Faeth-designJP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design

-------------------Favorite Touhou characters and my Waifu--------------------

I love

Mima stamp by ZerebosSTAMP: Rika by mobbostampsSTAMP: Rikako Asakura by mobbostampsSTAMP: Sariel by mobbostampsSTAMP: Konngara by mobbostampsrumia by touhoustampsSTAMP: Satori Komeiji by mobbostampsSTAMP: Byakuren Hiziri by mobbostampshina by touhoustampsLunasa Prismriver stamp by Zerebos

-------------------------------Games and such I like---------------------------

RPG Maker 2003 Stamp by nakashimarikuBioshock Stamp by boneworksStronghold Crusader Stamp by outwardGrim Fandango Stamp by RyathkimValve Fanboy Stamp by RhosauceyXenogears Stamp by opaletteLoZ A Link to the past stamp by DannyCat-X3Mercenaries 2 Stamp by wilde-media.:Resident Stamp 4:. by UndeadWhiskeyFallout 3 - ThumbsUp Stamp by CamaroGirl666

True fact I Heart Touhou Music Stamp by CyclopsHime

Mima Stamp - Mima is not evil by Seiga-KijinMima Stamp - Mima is not evil by Seiga-KijinMima Stamp - Mima is not evil by Seiga-KijinMima Stamp - Mima is not evil by Seiga-Kijin

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---------------------------------Friends and such------------------------------

:iconmageeverything: Probably my bestest of best friends. Sometimes, I consider him a brother or somethin'.

:iconagentmax1000: Also a good friend, and he's kind of a pervert, and a scrub.

:icontheoneharris: He's one amazing guy, at least to me. Sometimes, he may be more than a best friend.

:iconsupermario1550: He's a good man plus a co animator on Death Battle.

:iconcruelty-of-fate: Someone I've known for a while, and she's a good friend. She always knows how to help me.

:iconaiyfproductions: He's a cola drinking son of a gun, and he's cool.

:iconteaandbgamer: He's a pervy little mad scientist and I like him.

:iconbowser-and-himself2: He's a pretty cool guy, I like him.

:iconoverlibertyshead: He's a real nice guy, and one I can truly call a best friend.
First all, I do not hate WBL. Nor do I even despise or dislike him. In fact, I kind of like him. And oddly, he seems to like me too. To this day, I'm still unsure why. Maybe it's because I took a neutral stance on the whole ordeal, listening to him along with the WSW while being against and for both and none. Or it could be something else entirely. So yeah, I like WBL. He isn't too bad to me.

Now let's get this out of the way, I do not entirely agree with WBL's intentions. He seems to be trying to get some people out of the WSW, and. To be honest, knowing him as I do, I'm unsure to why. He claims it is full of bullies, yet I see few or none. If anything, he could be acting like the true bully. Maybe he has good intentions from his view, reality could be different from his point of view (I am not saying that as a bad thing). And I will not say "Everyone in the WSW is perfect" Oh no, we're not perfect. But no place is truly "perfect" There are bad apples.
Irrational people, people who just don't really care, people who act before they think, people who don't know when to stop, people who act when they really shouldn't. Examples like this are found in the comment section of Evidence Awareness Day. But I am not saying "Everyone in the WSW is bad and WBL is the best" I can never say that, it would ignorant, irrational, and other such things.

I can honestly see WHAT WBL is trying to do, and HOW he is trying to do it. I do not fully agree on how he is doing it, but if he was doing it in a different group that was genuinely filled with bullies, his intentions would be noble. But really, the WSW is mostly just filled with
People like me (Don't really care about current events and just resurface every once in a while), people who genuinely care for the community, admins, people who are unhappy with themselves or the group, people who don't do much of anything, and much much more. 

So, overall. I don't see WBL as a bad guy, he isn't, I think he's alright. His intentions if done in a different actual dysfunctional group would be seen as noble, but in the current group, it'll just urk people. It doesn't urk me though, because I can see WHAT he is trying to do at least. He hit a rough patch with some people, and thought the entire group is against him, that's really it. 

WBL, if you're reading this, stay strong and take care. From what I've heard about you, it sounds like you aren't going through the best of times. I just hope fate becomes kind to you soon enough. Not from the WSW, but I have heard, things. About homelessness and such. The last thing I would want is for anyone to be homeless, especially in this time of year. You're no exception. Take care.
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