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Detract Satsuki by trynt33
Detract Satsuki
I am truly truly sorry for making this, but I couldn't pass up the idea when I thought of making an expand dong image.

Rin Satsuki belongs(?) to :iconzunplz:
The Usual by trynt33
The Usual
I know this happens in all forms of art, but it's something I wanted to get off my chest after looking through my old stuff.
Metro 2033's Stealth In a Nutshell by trynt33
Metro 2033's Stealth In a Nutshell
I love how magical the stealth is, it's just like Fallout 3.

Metro 2033 was created and belongs to Dmitry Glukhovsky and 4A Games
Surprising Fame by trynt33
Surprising Fame
While I was in a Skype call with :iconsydney-chan101: and then this starts happening, and I asked her to ask who it was, but then no answer.

I'm actually curious on who this is. Knowing the lower caseness and use of emotes. :iconbryanrolax:, is it you?


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Trynt Sanders
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Different (but not a bad) guy. Touhou fan. Walfaser. Game developer (kinda). Bisexual. And many other things.
My Youtube Channel…

---------------------------What I am and what I like----------------------------

Rain Stamp by LumiResources I love night stamp by coolmaggi Flag: Montana by TheStampKing Irish Stamp by jerseygrl246 Native American Stamp by StrayCreations

Stamp: Gay Rights by RogueDerek I'm bisexual. STAMP by Cute-Polly Crazy - Stamp by GothicTearDrop :thumb272730240: Peace Stamp by Nighty-Teh-Otter Recycle Stamp by altergromit I Love Walfas by Thoxiic-Editions :thumb345155836: .Stamp. Got Yuri? by KillMePleaseGod My Choice stamp by spacewolfomega

USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designStamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVampSpanish lang2 by Faeth-designJP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design

-------------------Favorite Touhou characters and my Waifu--------------------

I love

Mima stamp by ZerebosSTAMP: Rika by mobbostampsSTAMP: Rikako Asakura by mobbostampsSTAMP: Sariel by mobbostampsSTAMP: Konngara by mobbostampsrumia by touhoustampsSTAMP: Satori Komeiji by mobbostampsSTAMP: Byakuren Hiziri by mobbostampshina by touhoustampsLunasa Prismriver stamp by Zerebos

-------------------------------Games and such I like---------------------------

RPG Maker 2003 Stamp by nakashimarikuBioshock Stamp by boneworksStronghold Crusader Stamp by outward:thumb165276011:Valve Fanboy Stamp by RhosauceyXenogears Stamp by opaletteLoZ A Link to the past stamp by DannyCat-X3Mercenaries 2 Stamp by wilde-media.:Resident Stamp 4:. by UndeadWhiskeyFallout 3 - ThumbsUp Stamp by CamaroGirl666

True fact I Heart Touhou Music Stamp by CyclopsHime


--------------------------------Plz Accounts-----------------------------------

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--------------------------------Plzs that I like---------------------------------


---------------------------------Friends and such------------------------------

:iconmageeverything: Probably my bestest of best friends. Sometimes, I consider him a brother or somethin'.

:iconagentmax1000: Also a good friend, and he's kind of a pervert, and a scrub.

:icontheoneharris: He's one amazing guy, at least to me. Sometimes, he may be more than a best friend.

:iconsupermario1550: He's a good man plus a co animator on Death Battle.

:iconcruelty-of-fate: Someone I've known for a while, and she's a good friend. She always knows how to help me.

:iconaiyfproductions: He's a cola drinking son of a gun, and he's cool.

:iconteaandbgamer: He's a pervy little mad scientist and I like him.

:iconbowser-and-himself2: He's a pretty cool guy, I like him.

:iconoverlibertyshead: He's a real nice guy, and one I can truly call a best friend.
Note: Project York will not be the final name for it, it is just the temporary name until I come up with a final name.

For the most part, Project York (name not final) will be an RPG Maker, made in RPG Maker 2000, but using another program called RPG Maker 2009 as sort of a "front-end program", since it has more features, compatibility, and such.
It'll take place in Gensokyo (as partly a Touhou game since the WSW associates with Touhou), but with a basic idea of the WSW, being integrated in part of Gensokyo and so fourth. No gappie stories for this.
It'll also be an episodic RPG, with there not being a lot content per episode, but it'll be compact as it can be, possibly being an hour or so of content per episode (No going big or going home by episode 3 like Valve), but despite being an RPG Maker game, it'll mostly be dialogue-driven and character-driven, but with some combat elements. There will also multiple player characters (Only choosable at the start by the way), with a maximum of four per episode, with characters clashing and meeting within each other stories.
Style and gameplay-wise, it'll sorta be like Earthbound mixed with elements from Final Fantasy and dialogue choosing similar to Bethesda games, with some dialogue choices drastically effecting a character's story or another character's story, with the player either not even noticing unless they pay close attention.

So far, I am JUST a one-man team, as I can do decent levels of sprite work, writing, map design, and such. But. I will most certainly and definitely need help. I will need music composer, sprite artists, traditional artists, writers and such.
I won't be forcing anyone to work, but if you're remotely interested, contact me on Steam, Skype, or via dA notes, whatever method is the most convenient to you.

Allow me to get some questions right off the bat here.

"Can I be in this game?"
Answer: I don't know, I suppose it'd all depend on your impact or role in the story, but that would be decided by me and whatever writers we get our hands on.
"When will it be done?"
Answer: When it's done. It's the most definite answer I can provide, since I have no deadline, planned release date or anything, but I will give updates on development and if I am confident and it seems right, I will give a definite release date, but that may not come for a while.
"Why is it called Project York?"
Answer: It is the only temporary name I can think of (thanks Deadly Premonition) but it will not be the final name.
"Can I suggest a title for the game?"
Certainly, suggest away, I wouldn't mind, and if it sounds good to me, it will be the title, but there may be a vote for people to decide if it happens (Note, no voting for your suggested name if you're on the list)
"Will there be voice acting and or cutscenes?"
Answer: Short answer, I don't know, long answer, I don't know YET, voice acting could be a possibility if people have microphones/confident enough to talk/don't think the script is total trash, and cutscenes. Maybe. If we do, they may either be sprite based, or be Walfas-done entirely, maybe even by some competent animators.
"Will we have to pay for it/will it be for profit?"
Absolutely not, it'll be free. Who would charge for an RPG Maker game? Well, I mean, To The Moon was good (and maybe other pay-for RPG Maker games I can't think of) and it was an RPG Maker game, but. This game, nah, it won't be To The Moon levels of good, but it'll be okay, decent, who knows, it won't be Ride to Hell levels of bad (I hope not, the only way that could happen is if I go mental.)

If I can truly get development started, I will give updates on the project and such, letting you all know (Or I may even release a demo, but a demo for a game as short and small as it'll be sounds redundant but meh) how it's going.
Anyway, that's all for now. If you got any other questions that were not answered in the FAQ, ask away and I will answer as soon as possible. Hell, if you're feeling ambitious (and want a death wish) you can ask me while I am playing Mount & Blade Warband, Dark Souls or Fallout 3 (again, if you're rather ambitious and would pop in during a play session of one of my favorite games) and I will (mostly) not mind.
Anyway, have a good day, hope you enjoy what you see, and have take care.
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  • Listening to: Hotline Miami 2's soundtrack
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  • Playing: Mount & Blade Warband
  • Eating: Soup
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